The Complete Works

"When I first came across Karen's work I was struck by her ambition, wit and sureness of touch. I was impressed by the range of voices interwoven in her poems, at times almost like radio dramas in miniature, and by her evident interest in form. These are rare qualities in first collections. Karen's more recent poems are rooted in the same territory: the struggle for authentic relationships (with family, friends, colleagues) in a complex urban environment, but she pushes those questions of relationship and responsibility into wider areas of politics, ecology and history."

Michael Symmons Roberts

Ten Movie – The Complete Works from on Vimeo.


The Complete Works is a multicultural mentoring scheme conceived by Bernardine Evaristo and administered by Spread the Word in partnership with Arts Council England, the Foyle Foundation and the Old Possum’s Practical Trust in association with the Arvon Foundation. Its aim is to create more diversity in British poetry through access to career development and one-to-one mentoring.

I was selected as one of ten poets nationwide and was mentored by Michael Symmons Roberts.


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