Poetry Parnassus

The title poem from McCarthy Woolf's debut collection An Aviary of Small Birds was dropped over London as part of Casagrande's Rain of Poems at the Southbank's poetry festival for the cultural Olympiad Poetry Parnassus.

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Rain of Poems over London / Bombardeo de poemas sobre Londres from Casagrande on Vimeo.

Poetry Parnassus was the Southbank’s poetry festival for the cultural olympiad that invited poets from every competing nation in the London 2012 Olympics. I was a participating poet who also represented Poetry Parnassus for English PEN at Colnbrook Detention Centre, Heathrow where they hold immigration detainees — taking the festival in to those who could not visit.

The title poem from An Aviary of Small Birds was part of the Rain of Poems — where a hundred thousand poems from all the contributing Parnassus Poets were translated into Spanish and if necessary English, printed on bookmarks and dropped from a helicopter over London.

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