Praise for Seasonal Disturbances

A Poetry Book Society Recommendation.

‘McCarthy Woolf has established herself as an essential poet of our time. This beautiful book brims with poignancy, vigour and formal ingenuity. At its heart, this is an ode to the complex human spirit and a sweet song of resistance to the easy specious answers so often on offer in the gyre of our spiralling world.’ Rowan Ricardo Phillips

‘A strange and stunning collection from a true writer. Vulnerable, hilarious and wise, Seasonal Disturbances is a darkly humorous exploration of the human condition.’ Warsan Shire

‘Formally ambitious…big-idea poems made up of bite-size insights and ironies that establish political anger and ecological anxiety.” Jeremy Noel-Tod,  Sunday Times

‘Reading Seasonal Disturbances is like picking up a London A-Z and finding it’s a new map of the world.’ Carol Rumens,Guardian

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Praise for An Aviary of Small Birds

”Extraordinarily moving and technically flawless…Birth/death is the most mythologically charged binary. We think of Eliot’s ‘Journey of the Magi’: “were we led all that way/for Birth or Death?”…This religiosity of loss and salvation is evident in McCarthy Woolf’s collection, where enclosure and transcendence become part of the emotional equation.’
Julian Stannard, The Poetry Review

“A beautiful, painful, pitch-perfect debut.” Kate Kellaway, The Observer . Read the full review here.

‘This is a brave book. And much more than that. McCarthy Woolf has made a figurative, general and various beauty out of something terrible. The poems are quite without self-indulgence or sentimentality, but hard in their truth.’ David Constantine

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Praise for Ten: The New Wave

‘This thrilling, moving, challenging and inspiring new anthology introduces 10 sparkling new talents who demonstrate the richness, energy and confidence of the poetic voice in our multicultural country. It is a joyful and important moment in publishing.’
Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate

‘A powerful command of form and rhythm inherent in the broken and fragmentary structures of her sequence Yellow Logic.’
Alan Brownjohn, The Poetry Review

‘Karen McCarthy Woolf ’s Yellow Logic, a six-poem sequence, is dedicated to Otto, “born and died 7 August 2009.” The sequence begins in fragmented disarray, evidencing underlying turmoil. Emotive material requires skilful technique to create good poetry, and the pauses, spacing and line-breaks combine to create a memorable picture of struggle…The poem becomes increasingly direct as it goes on, always under control, but the emotional effect isn’t deadened by clever technique. Quite the opposite, in fact.’ Rob Mackenzie, Magma

You can buy Ten: The New Wave here.